I created a chatbot to help people understand artificial intelligence. She's named Neona.


By interacting with her, you can explore concepts from across the field of artificial intelligence. By studying her design and architecture, you can learn how to build conversational agents. In the future, she will be used by students to find courses and jobs in the field of AI. From the perspective of universities and employers, she will be used as a teaching assistant and a recruiting tool. In one of my blog posts, I describe her technical architecture and the artificial intelligence concepts used in her design.


Check out her website to learn more: http://neona.chat/. A few demos are available if you'd like to chat with her! You can even contribute on GitHub if you'd like.

I also have a presentation on SlideShare where you can learn more about AI, AI at Microsoft, and how I built Neona on Microsoft Azure.

I leveraged Neona to win some business with Travelers, a Fortune 100 insurance company. Through Slalom Consulting, I performed a solution assessment comparing the Azure Bot Service to Amazon Lex. In order to properly compare the Microsoft bot ecosystem to that of Amazon’s, I designed an identical conversational interface for both. The purpose of the bots was to automate common IT support tasks. Though the flow of the conversation was the same for both bots, the back-end implementation was completely different. I led the conversational interface design for the entire project and the development of the Amazon Lex bot. Along the way, I also delivered learning sessions to their team about the bot development life cycle. Just like with Neona, I was out to empower others to build their own AI systems!