I help society keep up with its own exponential self complication. The future landscape is only going to be increasingly more difficult to traverse for any single human mind. My solutions walk beside you to supplement the perception of your environment. The intelligent machines I integrate into my solutions watch and understand the world with you. I architect processes and connections that recursively consume and generate actionable information faster than you need it. It is difficult for any organization to solve the world’s increasingly tangled problems within a competitive timeline. For any single entity to succeed in a way that maximizes its usefulness, it needs to simultaneously exploit all relevant and available data, people, and technology.

I identify the best resources to solve a problem and then architect them into a cohesive solution. These resources include:

  • The abilities of people and machines.
  • The data generated by people and machines.
  • The relationships between data, people, and machines.

The resulting solution is a system of processes that integrate all of the above. I build connected systems that integrate the minds of many people with the power of many machines. These systems are meant to solve complex problems involving massive amounts of data. My systems are socially and emotionally aware web applications that perpetually process and exchange information using nature-based computation. Every system I build extends the minds of its users into an infinite feedback loop with the intelligent machines in the system. This results in an intelligently augmented social interaction system. Information is constantly pushed into and pulled from the available pool of knowledge. Over time, the pool of knowledge grows, refines itself, and is improved. This pool of knowledge is synchronized with the minds of its users, further enhancing their cognitive abilities.

These systems benefit the users by:

  • Lubricating communication and collaboration between people.
  • Making the ideal solutions to various problems obvious.
  • Augmenting decision making.

Consider these systems an extension of the minds of its users. Human collective consciousness is great at identifying problems and creating solutions. I augment collective consciousness to find better solutions faster. Domain experts help me recognize rich problem domains with hidden solutions. These experts provide the details of the domain so I can create innovative systems in a competitive manner. I partner with domain experts to build interactive human machine systems to solve specialized problems of the highest complexity.

My solutions are communities where great minds augment themselves with machine intelligence to turn massive amounts of data and intricate relationships into immediately useful information. I teach machines to teach people how to improve the lives of society as they desire. I let the machines learn from the people and the people learn from the machines. With my approach, machines will become more interactive, reactive, proactive, and communicative allowing them to better augment people in all aspects of life.